/ˈspiriCH(o͞o)əl/  adjective

relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.


/dəˈrekSH(ə)n,dīˈrekSH(ə)n/  noun

a course along which someone or something moves.

What is the direction of your spirit?

What might you want to be moving toward?

Where are you feeling stuck?

What unexpected movements are afoot within you?

Spiritual direction is a practice of listening … to yourself, to the universe, to the divine spark within. A traditionally contemplative practice, spiritual direction invites us to be still with ourselves long enough to notice, appreciate and wonder where we are today.

In spiritual direction we will sit quietly together and just drink in the stillness, be in conversation about what is alive in your life in this moment, wrestle with challenges you are encountering, co-create rituals or explore practices that will support you in your daily life.

Like therapy or coaching, spiritual direction invites you to connect with yourself more deeply and shape the life you want to be living with intention. Unlike those practices spiritual direction uses a lens informed by spiritual frameworks which may or may not include God, traditional religious practices, ethical and existential explorations, and an exploration of holiness/wholeness.

People bring a wide of variety of questions to spiritual direction. They might be in a life transition like marriage or divorce, family creation, illness, a new career or move toward retirement, and are looking for an anchor or a spiritual lens through which to make meaning of this season in their life. They might be exploring a new religious tradition or practice, questioning the tradition they were raised in, or returning to get to know that tradition better. They might have had a profound experience of holiness that they are trying to make sense of. They might be trying to bring more texture and richness into the flow of each day for themselves or their family.

While the depth of my learning and experience is informed by Jewish life and community, I am honored to walk with people from any faith background or none. Spiritual direction can support all of us on our journeys.

Spiritual Direction