Lisa Moriah Chenthitta
“As a lifelong non-religious person, I never thought I would choose to engage in spiritual direction. I met Sue through her work as a Jewish educator and began spiritual direction totally unsure of what I was looking for or what I would find. Sue was the perfect partner in this process. She was patient with my stubbornness, warm and affirming with me and my process, and pushed in the right ways to help me work through my resistance. I went through a number of life and work transitions during my time in spiritual direction and each time I felt better able to navigate them, in part, due to the thoughtful and intentional conversations I had with Sue.”
Noah Henry-Darwish
“I met Sue as a student of hers in Judaism 101. When she surveyed the class to see if anyone was interested in Spiritual Guidance, I leapt at the opportunity. We had our first meeting one month before the Covid 19 Pandemic lockdown began. I could not have known how much I would gain from one hour of virtual meeting with Sue every month for the next two years. Sue met me where I was every time we convened. She allowed me to use the time as therapy when I needed it, critical thinking when I needed it, an educational space if I asked for that…but most importantly, she invited me to externalize my tumultuous inner monologue and would then expertly organize all of it into a manageable, actionable summary. She listens on many levels, and I always felt supported and never judged. She offers feedback in practical and poetic ways which attend not only to the rational mind, but to the soul. Sue is a blessing in our world, and I encourage anyone and everyone to work with her.”
Emma Norman
“Sue is so wonderful and helpful! Our discussions are so useful, and I come away from them feeling so supported and refreshed. I'm so grateful to the mentorship program, to Sue for being a mentor, and to you for choosing her for me. I just wish I had a Sue for all other parts of my life!”
Leah Savage