How Do I Start?

Email me at to arrange a 30 minute get-to-know-you session free of charge. We’ll get a feel for each other, talk about what you might want from spiritual direction, and decide whether this is the right practice and I am the right person to support you at this time.

How Often Do We Meet?

Traditionally spiritual direction is a once a month, hour-long practice, often enough to stay attentive to how life is unfolding and infrequent enough to allow for the unfolding in between. At times of deep need, intensive decision making, or profound transition, we might meet twice a month for a while. 

What Do Spiritual Direction Sessions Include?

Spiritual direction sessions will always include some time to center yourself through silence, meditation, prayer, poetry, a few deep breaths. The heart of a session is usually a conversation, reflection and careful listening. Spiritual direction might also include text study or other learning, song or art, creative ritual or just being together with what is. We generally close with a blessing or intention-setting for the month ahead.

How Long Do I Stay in Spiritual Direction?

Some people enter spiritual direction drawn by a question, a transition or a challenge and stay through the months or year(s) that it takes to move through that process. Others find that spiritual direction serves as a touchstone for their on-going development, a monthly check-in to notice where they are on their path and (re)connect with their essential selves; they may build a years-long relationship with their spiritual director as a companion on that journey. And others fall in between, finding spiritual direction a meaningful support for a particular season in their lives. There is no one way. 

Where Do We Meet?

I meet with people on Zoom or in-person in the SF Bay Area, either in San Francisco or in my home office or garden in the East Bay.  


Please contact me regarding my fee.  My fee supports my well-being and my family’s and I am committed to making the practice of spiritual direction accessible.